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Online Hebrew Lessons

Online Hebrew lessons, for individuals and groups, for all levels and all ages. For children and youth, academics, adults and retirees, by professional and dedicated teachers, in a warm and supportive atmosphere.

Why us?

We provide online Hebrew lessons – with safe, effective and convenient learning. Suitable for all levels and ages. Our teachers are professional and dedicated, providing a warm and supportive atmosphere in class. At beginner levels we emphasize communicative and functional Hebrew for daily life, and at advanced levels we work on development of reading, writing and expression skills. At Ulpan Adi, you will learn with the ‘keys’ method which is an easy and pleasant way to acquire the language and culture. It was developed over many years of experience working with repatriates, families and children. The method modularly combines language, culture and emotional cues, in a conversational and communicative way.

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John (USA)

I found ‘Ulpan Adi’ two months ago in my search for a suitable solution for online Hebrew lessons. My three children, ages 6, 10 and 12, started learning online. Their teacher really manages to convey to them a love of language! This makes me very happy, because Hebrew is…

Alexandra (Russia)

In ‘Ulpan Adi’ we found an excellent and patient teacher who takes care to explain things so you fully understand them. The lesson is based on a book written by Adi, the school director, called “Keys to Hebrew”. Highly recommended and more understandable than a number of others we tried.

Isabel (Brazil)

I started studying at Ulpan Adi about two years ago, after years of struggling with the Hebrew language. My classes at Ulpan Adi really helped me progress to a higher level. Adi’s ‘keys’ method is very impressive in that it combines techniques of associations, tables…

Charles (South Africa)

In my Hebrew lessons in the Ulpan I learned the linguistic structures from Adi’s book and acquired the ‘keys’ to the Hebrew language. Adi inspired and enthused me about the Hebrew language and culture. I highly recommend her courses!

Miriam (France)

The classes are very interesting. We also learn grammar, making trees from roots. In our textbook “Keys to Hebrew”, we practice verbs in all tenses – present, past and future. Sometimes we listen to a song together and learn its lyrics with nice presentations. The teacher explains…

Maya (Ukraine)

I remember my classes at Ulpan Adi as very challenging and interesting. It was great! My teacher had a creative approach to learning, in culture classes we learned through beautiful historical presentations and stories about the lives of Israeli celebrities and the Bible. Thank you very much!

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