The years passed … in the little house of the father and mother the daughter and son grew up. One day the big brother said to the little sister:
“We are already big and the house is small. A door to a new road will open for us.” Many days and also nights, from east to west migrated two
The brothers. They passed mountains and a river, and came to a new land.

The nurse saw good soil! The boy grabbed one root and said, “Disable a root in the new soil. The root will grow and deepen in it!”
The girl looked up and said: “A new tree will grow from the root, branches will grow from it, the tree will grow and rise to the sky!”

The Hebrew forest has been growing for two thousand years or more. Many word trees grew in it, their fruits like honey were sweet. On the trees like
Leaves grew many beautiful words. The people saw that the forest was good and its words were juicy. They loved him and he was happy.

Many years passed and people stopped coming to the forest. The words without demand were silenced, the old ones in which they did not forget the fireplace
And the sister and the ‘first root’ planted in the forest soil. There were words that reminded the locals, the speakers of the language. It was sad
The forest, and sad were its trees, wept day and night: “We have no future, only roots without new fruits.” The earth cried with them
The good one, waited and waited until the day came.

Until one bright day, with a light step and a loving hand, a vigorous and young man named Eliezer entered the forest. Roots he came to gather to
The new city. Eliezer planted the ancient roots in the soil of his city, and every day he watered and cared for the new tree. After a while
The plant and the back of the tree, and the ancient roots of Eliezer became new Hebrew words, which rolled and spread all over the land.
Reached the houses of the people, connected with the trials and began to speak. To every house they came they told of Eliezer’s word tree
And on the ancient roots of the Hebrew forest.

One morning, in the month of Shevat, a bright sun shone in the blue sky of the Land of Israel, in a small house that stood not far from the forest.
Grandpa Arie took the and hoe, with his grandchildren went out to plant a new tree in the ancient forest. The neighboring families have heard this, and they too are like
Grandpa Arieh came to the forest to plant trees.

New trees began to grow and take root in the good soil. Like mushrooms after the rain, words covered the regenerating forest.
The forest rejoiced him and the earth rejoiced. The old almond tree in honor of Hebrew danced and sang happily. All the forest trees joined in as well
They went to the celebration, until dawn they danced and sang, held a party!

A story about the Hebrew forest
A story about the Hebrew forest
A story about the Hebrew forest
A story about the Hebrew forest

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