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Our lesson plans for adults aged 18-50, offers you a variety of online lessons in Hebrew adapted for academic learners, ranging from beginner levels without any previous knowledge of the language to advanced levels. Our classes are conducted by professional and dedicated language teachers. We maintain a high quality of lessons both in terms of the curriculum and in terms of our ways of working with students. From the very first stages the content and orientation of your lessons in our school focuses on the language skills needed in academia. At the beginner level, we will impart a linguistic and communication infrastructure for the language, in a simple and effective way using our “language keys” method. At advanced levels, we will establish and strengthen your language skills and oral and written expression, depending on your field of study and your other interests.

You will learn Hebrew in a warm and supportive home atmosphere and at your convenience. At Ulpan Adi, we have set ourselves the goal of strengthening our student’s sense of security and ability, to develop and improve learning skills for language and communication. For more information, you can leave your details on this website and we will get back to you soon.

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